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Our team of private dietitians in Bristol

Sophie Claessens: Founder of Fresh Approach Nutrition

I’m Sophie, a private dietitian based in central Bristol. One of the best parts of working privately is getting to know my clients on a personal level. On this page, you can get to know me and my team, and get a feel for whether we’d be a good fit.

About Sophie

I’ve always loved biology, and from an early age I found the science of nutrition fascinating. I remember learning about how the body absorbs nutrients at school, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I went on to study Nutrition and Dietetics at the university of Surrey, and since graduating in 2013, I’ve worked in the NHS across various different specialities including community dietetics, mental health, weight management, and general gut health.

People centred, science backed

I truly valued this NHS experience and I still do (I work part-time in the NHS now); it’s given me a great foundation for clinical expertise and knowledge.

However, transitioning to mostly private clients over the last few years meant that I could combine my love for biology and nutrition with a passion for caring for people on an individual basis.

Image of Sophie Claessens, private dietitian in Bristol

Sophie’s expertise

  • IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
  • Digestive health
  • Low FODMAP diet
  • Mental health nutrition

Sophie works with clients at her clinic in Bristol, or through online appointments.

Aoife McMahon

Aoife has a wealth of experience working in NHS and private settings helping people to truly heal their relationship with food.

Aoife’s approach combines nutrition and therapeutic approaches, recognizing the importance of both aspects in the recovery process.

Providing a safe space

Aoife is dedicated to providing safe spaces for all. This includes recognising that eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes.

Additionally, her approach is neuro-affirming and trauma-informed. She recognizes the significance of acknowledging the unique ways individuals experience and process the world around them.

This inclusive approach places her clients at the heart of her care, empowering them to embrace sustainable changes and foster a healthier relationship with food.

Image of Aoife McMahon, private dietitian in Bristol

Aoife’s expertise

  • Eating disorders
  • Disordered eating
  • Body image

Aoife works with clients through online appointments only.

Rachel White

Using a patient centred approach, Rachel educates and empowers her patients to make dietary changes to improve their health. Rachel supports her patients to make sustainable changes that will help manage their weight and chronic conditions.

She educates her clients to be able to take these changes both in the long term, and independently, leading to them being healthier individuals overall.

Accessible and personalised advice

Rachel has a wide range of experience in both NHS and freelance roles. She’s previously worked in intensive care, weight management, nutrition support, and pre-diabetes. She’s also a qualified clinical and sports dietitian.

Having completed multiple university degrees, Rachel is well placed to translate evidenced based research into accessible and individualised advice to support you with your nutrition.

Within her NHS role Rachel currently supports patients with cancer throughout their cancer pathway from diagnosis to living with and beyond cancer.


Image of Rachel White, private dietitian in Bristol

Rachel’s expertise

  • Weight management
  • Chronic disease
  • Sports nutrition
  • Nutrition support for cancer

Rachel works with clients at the clinic in Bristol, or through online appointments.

Private Dietitians in Bristol

Being able to offer our services privately means that our clients get more comprehensive, regular, and personalised support. We have the time to listen to them, to hear their problems and concerns.

Working with the same private dietitian for every appointment means that they don’t have to explain themselves over and over again. Developing that personal relationship creates a level of trust which can often be necessary to truly take advice on board.

Sophie Claessens is a registered dietitian based in Bristol.

Working with us: What to expect

Our foundations in the NHS mean we can take clinical knowledge and scientific dietary guidelines, and use them to form an action plan that’s completely tailored to each client.

We don’t provide or write prescriptive meal plans which tell someone what to eat every hour of every day. Instead, we focus on client preferences and their daily routine. This allows a more flexible approach that is easier to implement and sustain long term.

We offer a free, 15 minute discovery call so that we can get to know you and you can ask any questions you might have.

“Extremely valuable experience and completely worth the money to invest in my health. Sophie’s approach is calm and extremely insightful and she has been a great support and adviser through this process of losing weight and building a better relationship with food. I would not hesitate to recommend Sophie to others to help them achieve their goals.”

– Ceri, 1:1 client