A Fresh Approach To

Guided Self-Help for Binge Eating

Helping you to become your own therapist

Are you stuck in a vicious cycle of overeating, feeling guilty, then undereating to make up for it?

This type of yo-yo dieting puts your body under a lot of stress, which generally leads to weight gain and poor mental health.

Guided self-help is a way of learning to take responsibility for your binge eating and to finally regain control.

Image of Sophie Claessens, dietitian for guided self-help for binge eating

Taking Responsibility

What is guided self-help for binge eating?

Evidence based

Guided self-help (GSH) is somewhere between pure self-help, which you could get from a book or the internet, and standard therapy from a specialist.

It combines elements of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), DBT (dialectical behaviour therapy) and mindfulness.

There is a strong evidence base to prove that GSH is an effective way of overcoming binge eating behaviours.

Specialist Support

GSH is designed to help you take primary responsibility for changing your eating behaviours and relationship with food. Your own motivation will be the driving factor behind your success.

However, you’ll receive support and guidance from a trained dietitian and guide. I can talk through anything you find difficult or don’t understand, as well as holding you accountable and celebrating your wins with you.

This is not a weight loss intervention

Guided self-help for binge eating is designed to steer your mindset away from ‘losing weight’ and towards ‘staying healthy’.

We’ll focus on thinking differently about your body, learning to treat it with the respect it deserves, and feed it with the nutrition it needs.

How does it work?

In 7 sessions, and across 13 weeks, we’ll work through a specifically designed manual which takes you through the various aspects of binge eating  and recovery.

Your first session will be an intro session. We’ll have three weekly sessions after that, before switching to fortnightly and then monthly sessions, as you become more confident in self-therapy.

Guided Self-Help for binge eating

Every person who struggles with binge eating has a slightly different experience and mindset. However, pretty much everyone will agree that it doesn’t feel good in the long term, and it’s not a healthy way to treat your body.

It’s time to change your relationship with food. Get in touch for a free, 15 minute chat to discover how guided self-help could work for you.

Guided Self-Help Pricing

Upfront Payment

One payment of £665

Payment Plan

£232 per month for 3 months
(£696 total)


Free 15 minute discovery call

I offer a free, no-obligation phone call to assess how I can best help you. Feel free to book a call; if you can’t see a time that works for you, then contact me directly.